Cory Q Tan is a Children's Book Author and Illustrator. He graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art (London) in the UK, spending most of his time on Printmaking and Painting. His friends always tell him that his works 'seem to tell a story', and to produce a series of works that truly string together as a story has always been his dream. Nothing is more fascinating than to be able to marry Art and Story-telling, and Children's Books provide just the platform that he needed. In 2018, he published his first book 'A Very Special Cat', followed by ‘A Hero’s Cape'. In 2019, he published his 3rd and 4th books: 'A Dream' and 'Theodore the Unfortunate Bear'.

His dream is to become a full time Children's Book Author, a dream yet to be realised. He hopes that his books would become bedtime classics that could bring a laugh or two to children and parents sharing a precious moment together.