Get a copy today at Amazon

Get a copy today at Amazon! 

Theodore the Unfortunate Bear (May 2019)

Theodore was an unfortunate bear. 
Exquisite, knowledgeable, well-mannered and immaculately dressed (with his impressive red bow tie), he was what you would call a ‘gentle-bear’. 
For a teddy bear of his pedigree, one would expect nothing but the best of what life had to offer. But luck should have it that he would end up in the worst possible place on earth- the Chow family!
Loud, unrefined and even barbaric, this family brought him nothing but misery, day after day... Poor Theodore had no greater wish than for the whole family to disappear from his life. 
One day, Theodore's wish came true....
With 36 pages of full-colour illustrations (including 3 two-page spreads), this children's picture book (targeted at 3-10 year-olds) will take you on an adventure far beyond your imagination.

A Dream (Jan 2019)

There's a new addition to the family- it's a baby boy! All seemed well and perfect but Mum is feeling rather on edge... Baby is healthy and normal like any other newborn, except that he's way too small! Day after day, Baby's (small) size became Mum's only obsession. Then one night, she had a strange dream....

A Hero's Cape (Sep 2018)

A boy was reading a book in the park when a strange red cloth descended from the sky and landed on him. It's a Flying Cape! But just as Luck would have it, he lost the Cape as quickly as he found it. Join our hero in his quest to retrieve the Cape, in a series of hilarious and unexpected encounters with different characters: a Father and a Baby, a Girl walking her Dog in the park, a Cat eager to protect her Kittens, and many others. Will he be able to retrieve the Cape? Or would he be able to discover the true meaning of kindness, courage and sacrifice?

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A Very Special Cat (Aug 2018)

Do Luminous Cats exist? It is said that only very special children are able to find them. A little boy went in search of the fabled animal despite the discouragement of his family. Will he succeed? Or will he be able to find something even more precious than the mythical creature?

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